Block by Bloody Block: Hayward

GM's Session 1 Summary

Recap of the Super-Mega-Awesome-World-of-Darkness-Adventure-in-Dannyland

Recruited by Ernesto Morrison of the Infiltration and Espionage Section of the Venatori Umbrorum and matrixed to work as agents in the Hayward cell of the Bay Area Group of the Venatori Umbrorum. The Bay Area group leader is a man named Sebastian Masterson. Sebastian funds the characters while Ernesto is their main supervisor. Main mission: to hunt the evil vampire known as “The Sorrow.”

William James Hiller: soldier who had his entire team massacred by the evil vampire “The Sorrow.” Enlisted for his skill at killing and has several contacts (cop, IT computer guy, lawyer, and gun dealer).

Yanto D. Torres: assistant to the sleazy mayor of Hayward. Saw the evil vampire “the Sorrow” kill somebody. Enlisted for his first-hand contacts within city hall.

Leads on the various places The Sorrow has influence:
School District
Car Dealerships
El Cid’s nightclub
The Circle of The Crone vampire organization that is near Mt. Diablo

Characters stakeout El Cid’s nightclub over the span of six months by using hidden cameras.

Month 1 – observe 7-man biker gang makes regular appearances every Friday and Saturday night.
Month 2 – observe various drug deals, street brawls, and other such rowdiness.
Month 3 – Notice that no cops ever show up; Hiller asks his cop contact to ask about that. The cop says he got a noticeable cold-shoulder from the cops who run that beat (Tommy and Joey) to “mind his own business.”
Month 4 – Observe a waitress get kidnapped while taking out garbage. She was dragged into a white van that was obviously waiting for her to come out.
Month 5 – observe the bad cops Tommy and Joey get a pay-off from the biker gang.
Month 6 – Observe a fight break out between to gang members; one member shoots the other and appears to move supernaturally fast. The bad cops retrieve the body later that night.

PCs trail the biker gang to their homes. Determine that 4 of them live in a crack-house in Oakland, one lives in an apartment, and the other lives in a van in a parking garage. PCs stake out the gang members over the span of several months.

Crack-house: observe the 4 gang members occasionally go outside and fight (off camera). Observe them verbally confront a mysterious man in black who moves supernaturally fast and can leap onto the roof of a two-story building. Observe an 8-year old girl lives alone in the house across the street from them; the mysterious man in black leaves her candy on her doorstep.
Apartment: observe the biker member has a girlfriend across town. Observe a mysterious older gentleman appearing in his apartment and giving him a chalice to drink from. The older gentleman drives a Lexus with a car dealership license plate.
Van in garage: observe biker member bring home a briefcase. This is the biker member tat moved supernaturally fast in the fight in front of El Cid’s.

PCs decide to kidnap the biker member in the van by welding his van doors shut and welding bars across the windows. Then they tow him to an abandoned business area in Hayward and interrogate him. They discover his name is Chad and he is not affected by sunlight. Chad says that he works for a vampire he calls “Aquarius” who bring him blood to drink. Chad says his jobs are to maintain El Cid’s as a safe haven for Aquarius and to do hit man work for him (either protecting people or attacking people – these people are identified on photographs). Chad says he meets Aquarius by a church on 154th street. Chad’s description of Aquarius matches that of the older gentleman in the apartment. The players torch the van with Cad in it, killing him. As he died, he screamed something about the Order Of The Crone live by Mt. Diablo. PCs collect his burnt cell phone and look into the church; they discover the church was a lie.

Brief side missions – Hiller assists his gun dealer by scaring off a nosey punk kid. Torres has to go to Santa Barbara for the mayor to attend a conference on sewage technology. Torres hooks up a chick from LA.

The PCs decide to kill all the members in the crack-house by hooking up a tank of carbon monoxide to their house and poisoning them. It works; killing all four crack-house guys and the guy who lives in the apartment. PCs ransack both the crack-house and the apartment. In the crack-house they find other photos of people to protect or attack, with the little girl across the street identified as a priority person to protect. In the apartment, they find the chalice (make of fake gold), an antique rapier, a set of home made branding irons with strange rune, a coffin, and a sealed letter (with the rune) containing a parchment that states, “This man is a traitor. Kill him.”

PCs feed all information to their supervisor in the Venatori Umbrorum. PCs are informed that the Oakland cell might have some information regarding the mysterious man in black. Plan to have one member of the Oakland cell meet Hiller (alone) in Golden Gate Park.


Teleute Teleute

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