List of Banes

Salt: Blocks magic and spirit creatures. A coherent line or circle forms a barrier which extends up and down into infinity. Sea salt, black salt (voodoo), blessed salt, blessed sea salt are supposed to be most effective.

Fire: Prevents rapid regeneration?

Sunlight: Vampires, spirits, and many magical creatures take damage from sunlight.

Silver: Werewolves…

Iron: Fae don’t like cold-forged (hammered without fire) iron. Other heavier metals may also work.

Running water: Water shorts magic. The speed of the flow and the volume of the water both add to dissipating magic effects.

Sunrise: Magic fonts and pools are renewed but magic effects dissipate. Spells cast during the day rarely extend beyond the next dawn. Spells cast at night rarely last beyond the next dusk.

Holy Ground: Repels ghosts,

Holy Water: Repels ghosts when used in a prayer/blessing.

Blessed Weapon:


Vampires: Native soil? Running water drains animating energy? fire?

Mirrors: Feng Shui protection from ghosts. Convex mirrors ca be seen from more angles and may be more effective. Supposed to scare ghosts with their reflection.

Talking forcefully: Neutral or cowardly ghosts are supposed to be scared off or accomodating if you talk honestly about your complaint. Remind them they are dead and you live here now.

Ancestor/Saint/Diety Shrine: A small shrine with regular prayers and appropriate offerrings may drive away even stronger spirits. St Dymphna (mental health and calming) or St Jude (as a most powerful, last resort) are best saints for ghosts.

Banishing ritual: There are many rituals to “banish” a ghost or spirit. The biggest problem is, if successful, these would theoretically send a spirit to the furthest alien reaches of the spirit world and prevent their return. This is a bad karma thing. Also, should the spirit find a way back, it would be badass and likely angry.

Garlic: Repels spirits and ghosts as well as vampires. One clove, not bulb, per person or doorway/window. Also, holly, juniper.

Herb pouch: Repels ghosts and spirits. Starting with garlic, add five-finger grass, cinnamon, echinacea and other folk herbs.

Hematite: Absorbs evil/harmful energy. Maybe magic and spirits both.

Confusion: Ghost repellent tactic. Shoe remedy (Place tomorrow’s shoes at the foot of your bed with the toes pointing in opposite directions, this is just plain weird), Randomly dropped bits (several dozen anything small and granular like rice or peas, they don’t belong and attract attention and counting but simple spirits can’t finish counting), Ribbons or beads hanging in window or door (counting problem), tangled nets or knotted strings (frustrate ghosts with untangling problem). All of these are to be set in the evening and cleaned each morning so there’s a fresh problem each night. Simple ghosts are confused and frustrated by these and will leave.

Red door: Spirits don’t like red. Red doors and handles, etc can offer deterent.

Lintel hex: Place religious icons at the door or carve into the lintel, paint or carve saints, geometric runes of protection, etc to strengthen ghost protection.

Space clearing / revitalizing: Vacuum and dust, do the laundry, clean everything, light incense and spread it through the room, fan the air, clap hands and ring bells, move the furniture. You create the room anew and destroy a spirit’s connection to it.

Hazelnuts: Ghosts are supposed to dislike hazelnuts hung by doors and windows. Can be combined with other tactics.

Medal of St Michael:

Lucky horseshoe:

Lucky rabbit’s foot:

Lucky clothing:

St Brigid’s blessing: Items left outside overnight on the first or second night in February are said to become blessed, good for luck, protection, and healing for the year.

Liquor: For spirits and ghosts, pouring liquor on a grave or ground, leaving it in a cup or bowl, leaving out an open bottle can all be offerings and tokens of respect. Give time for enjoyment of the drink and then ask for favors.

Sensing ghosts and spirits: “The more often you go on ghost hunts, the more sensitive you’ll become to ghosts and the paranormal. It’s that simple.”

Thresholds: A family residence builds a protection around itself. The larger the family, the more healthy, the longer the residence, and especially if it is multi-generational, the stronger the protection. It bars most spirits and ghosts and weakens or strips other creatures of their magical powers (but not claws or fangs). A resident inviting someone into the home voids the protection against that individual.

Consecrated host: The holy bread wafer is another and more potent version of holy water.

Vampires: Stab or stake the heart, avoid their blood, crosses will ward against them and spoil thier gravesite. Drinking blood brandy, eating blood bread offers protection.

Exorcism: A way to get rid of satanic posession, but also useful against any foreign cohabitation, also supposedly effective against werewolves and vampires.

Werewolf: A silver bullet, decapitation, bullet through the brain?, submerging in running water, some may kll some may just end the wolf form.

Calling the baptismal name: Called three times by a friend, this forces a werewolf to human shape again. Seems like a “true name” method.

List of Banes

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