Block by Bloody Block: Hayward

Session 1 Summary

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“The Sorrow” was responsible for the death of Will’s hunting party years ago. He was recruited into the Venatori after a few successful solo years but it still pretty new to the organization. Teleute’s character Yanto is an aide to the Hayward Mayor’s office and was recruited after a close encounter of his own. He’s seen the face of “The Sorrow”.
We know little about the vamp except rumors of involvement with a car dealership, the school district, and a particular nightclub. The club seemed the strongest lead. So, we spent about 6 months doing remote electronic surveillance on a nightclub from a tip from the parent organization. A biker gang was observed to be regulars and seen making payoffs to the local cops of the neighborhood. We backtraced the gang to their homes.
Three lived in a crack house, one in a van in a parking structure, one in an apartment. Three months of surveillance later, we’d seen an older man in a nice suit do a ritual with a chalice in the apartment; The crackhouse 3 had beat up someone and a vampire in a black coat was watching the creepy girl that lived across the street from them; Black trenchcoat vampire brought her candy; The van bum got a briefcase from someone.
So, we welded the van shut and barred its windows, painted it, cut it’s drive train and had it towed to a secluded, empty parking lot. The guy was not a vamp but drank its blood. He said he worked for a guy named Aquarius but gave us a false meeting location. He said Aquarius is older and wears nice suits. As he gasoline-burned to death, he screeched something about the “order of the crone” and Mt.Diablo. The briefcase had cash and photos with kill, hurt, or protect notes, some with names, and addresses. We also took his damaged phone.
The crackhouse was rigged to be filled with carbon monoxide (odorless) and we waited for the crackhouse 3 to get home. They came with the apartment guy and they died in their sleep. Will slit their throats to make sure. They had a corkboard with more photos and names and such, including the girl across the street who was to be protected. Pretty sure we should kidnap her to piss someone off one of these days. But, it’s better to maintain good surveillance. Planted cameras at the house to do it.
The apartment had an envelope hidden. It had a seal the guy was getting ready to brand himself with. The contents said “this guy is a traitor, kill him”. There was a fine rapier in a case in the closet and the gold-plated goblet was there, too. Will placed a couple cameras, including one in the wall above the door to see the hall and who comes a-calling.
The man in nice suits seems to be Aquarius. He drives nice, expensive cars with no plates: maybe from a dealership? The club seemed to be a kidnap or play location, but we still have cameras on it.
So, now we’re meeting with the Oakland cell to see what they know about the black trenchcoat vampire. [Dan suggested that Casey be an Oakland cell agent, so that if he misses a game, he’s out on Oakland business.]
We also need to keep up surveillance on the club, the little girl’s house, and the apartment to see our next lead pop up. If we go 6 months with nothing (not damn likely) we can refocus to the school district and car dealership. I’d expect te girl may be involved in the school stuff and the cars lead to Aquarius. Nevertheless, we’ve got our first lead on this vamp.


Teleute Teleute

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